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Kim is an award-winning, sought-after speaker who has spoken to audiences about the importance of mindset, self-love, self-care, health and wellness, body acceptance, emotional eating and improving your relationship with food. 
She is a heart-centred speaker who draws her audience in with impactful stories, inspires through real-life experiences, and guarantees to leave the audience with action steps they can take right away to create a better life.

As a busy non-profit community development organization, we were looking to provide some brief, yet beneficial, wellness education sessions for our staff. Kim Basler came highly recommended by one of our staff and we were lucky enough to book a session with Kim on the topic of “mindset”. Staff left the session with new learnings that could be immediately applied to their personal and professional lives. We highly recommend Kim’s services to any organization looking to provide wellness support to their staff. Thank you, Kim!


Kyla Robson, Langs Social and Wellness Committee, Diabetes Education Program

Even before the talk with Kim and the Boxing Ontario athletes, she did her research to ask questions about the sport and do a deep dive to better understand what obstacles and expectations are asked of the athletes. She created trust by opening up and sharing her story which allowed for the athletes to be open and honest with their struggles. She reminded these girls and women the importance of listening to your body for hunger cues and not restricting or binging. The biggest struggle for boxing is that it is a weight based sport, but Kim was able to provide tips to healthily make their weight divisions and help empower them to find their strongest weight class for their body type. She was also able to provide insight to the coaches for cues to look for in their athletes if they appear to be struggling and how to best support them. Both the coaches and athletes left with knowledge and actionable items to take into their upcoming training.


Helene Jafine, Partner & Boxing Coach

Girls Just Wanna Box

Kim Basler’s energy and practical approach to prioritizing self-care was a tremendous support to our team across Canada.  Over the course of two sessions, Kim presented to over 200 staff who support the needs of Canadians impacted by vision loss.  The pandemic has impacted the well-being on both our clients and staff.  Kim’s presentation refocused the team so that they can take care of themselves and can therefore support the needs of our clients.  Thank you Kim for your passion and caring approach to supporting our team in a critical time


Jennifer Urosevic, President and CEO

Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada


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