Are you looking for peace with food and how you feel about your body?

Do you find yourself constantly dissatisfied with your progress in managing/maintaining your health/weight, no matter how hard you work at it?

Do you struggle with restrictive eating?

Do you use food to deal with stress in your life?


How Can Kim Support You?

Kim understands first hand the struggles around emotional eating, chronic dieting and body image issues. With over 25 years working in the health and fitness industry she is invested in helping YOU find a balanced approach towards healthy living.  Her training at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating enables her to use a mind body centred approach to nutrition as well as cutting edge eating psychology strategies. Kim believes in a holistic approach to health. Moving beyond the number on the scale and embracing health through mind, body and spirit. She looks to support you with coaching strategies and nutrition principles that are nourishing, doable, sustainable, and that yield results.

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I was sent to Kim at a time when my body and mind were at a convergence. I was held back by what society tells us beauty and health is. I was constantly afraid to give myself a compliment, for fear of becoming happy or content with status quo.
Kim taught me so much. She taught me to love myself for all my glorious imperfections that make me who I am. She taught me to look at myself in the mirror and appreciate my physical self. She taught me to feed myself and care for myself from a place of LOVE , rather than from a place of HATE!
My journey is far from over, but I have come miles with the help of this enlightened, caring, endearing and warm human being. Kim has been to the dark places we all go through in life. That place where we feel we are simply not enough.. Where the scale determines whether or not you are happy!! And because she has been there, she is the best person to guide us through it and see the light!
Trust her, trust her process and most of all trust yourself.. She has taught me that I am ENOUGH!
— Cynthia D
Kim was particularly helpful with my eating psychology. Eating psychology is very different than dieting. Kim helps you to understand the triggers that instigate emotional eating. She also helps you to heal the pain from the past that holds you psychologically from being your best self. She’s extremely insightful, patient and one of the kindest coaches I’ve worked with. She endeavors not to get too attached to the number on the scale but more to be in love with the soul that lives inside you.
— Tammy B
Through working with Kim I am getting to know why I eat the way I do, never thought about that before!  I have learned about portion sizes and listening to the needs of my body! I am very happy with my progress because I now understand myself better and have a healthy lifestyle. I have stopped weighing myself, stopped the appetite suppressing pills, eating out of boredom and now realize that my goal was to be healthy and happy. Kim has helped me all through this journey by discovering aspects of my life that I would have never considered were contributing to not feeling totally well.
— Christa H

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