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The Empowered Movement Community

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The Empowered Movement Community 

Where real women come to reconnect to themselves through community by incorporating fitness, mindset and self-care

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"Kim's Empowered Movement Community has allowed me to feel more connected to myself. The classes have given me the space to relax and really think about how my body is feeling. It is a place I can feel safe to connect with others and start learning how to treat myself with love and compassion"

 Sophia S.

Fitness has been a part of my life since I was 12 years old. 

That’s when I began this 30-year-long career of trying to change my body, following along with the 20-minute workout on TV in my basement. Being an instructor, personal trainer, and manager, I often buried myself in my work. Excessive amounts of exercise, external praise and validation led to various health issues. I hid it all. My smile was packed in my gym bag each day. I was known for it. This led to 4 - 6 hours of disrupted sleep each night, body hives, challenges in my marriage and so much more.


I left my job in 2016 to begin my healing journey. Looking back it was the hardest season of my life. My life has forever changed but I have not one regret.


Fitness looks like “movement” for me now. I choose to keep moving. Strengthening my heart and muscles but now it’s about celebration, stress relief, and joyful movement that feels great for my body. No more heart rate monitors, calorie trackers and punishing exercise. No rules to how, when or why I move!

The best news! - This is possible for you TOO!
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Community Support

  • Be a part of a community with like-minded women who support one another. Share wins! Share challenges.

  • Cheer each other on in friendly challenges and create friendships with people who you can be yourself around!

  • Come as you are TODAY! 

100+ Classes on Demand
  • A weight-neutral community that encourages movement to have fun

  • Improve energy and improve overall confidence

  • Decrease stress  


Monthly Live Sessions
  • Community calls on various topics of health and mindset.

  • Live Fitness Classes

  • Guest Speaker appearances!

  • Q&A Calls to increase empowerment & motivation


  • Are you tired of punishing exercise that leaves you feeling exhausted, injured or discouraged? 


  • Are you looking for an online community that supports you and allows you to move your body from anywhere and on your own schedule?


  • Do you want to belong to an inclusive space where an overall approach to health is celebrated and encouraged? 


  • Do you want coaching support, to feel inspired and cared for by all members and the instructor?

I'm Ready for Change

A variety of different workout classes from the extensive library. I look forward to the live monthly coaching calls on a variety of topics and appreciate the amazing support and encouragement Kim and her members provide to one another. This space is one-of-a kind and just what I need.”


With Kim’s coaching you can expect to receive non-judgemental support, continuous encouragement and celebration of all wins, big or small.


Being a part of this fabulous community has been one of the best decisions I have made. My overall health has improved and I am supported by the most amazing women and a great coach. Reach out and connect with Kim, do it for YOU!

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What can you expect inside the Empowered Movement Community?

  • Monthly LIVE & unlimited recorded classes to fit your schedule. 

  • 30-minute Express Classes are quick and efficient. Cardio, Muscle Strengthening, Core Training, Flexibility, Meditations, and more.

  • Group sessions to learn how to improve your relationship with food from an anti-diet and weight neutral space as well as a variety of topics to improve your mindset and quality  of life

  • Friendly challenges to help you stay motivated and achieve your goals  

  • Receive support for improving your mindset and prioritizing self-care to optimize your health and add more happiness to your day

  • Guest Speakers to further your knowledge from health professionals

Are you ready to take action? 

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