Eat without guilt



See your worth



Gain confidence

Work with Kim

Eat without guilt



See your worth



Gain   confidence

Work with Kim


✔️ You want a personalized approach as this feels safer for you and sharing openly in a group setting feels out of your comfort zone right now 

 ✔️You work best 1:1. You like a higher level of accountability. Sharing personal experiences and getting support for specific challenges is important to you

 ✔️You want results and you know know you can’t hide in a 1:1 session

"Kim has the perfect balance of being understanding, caring, and empathetic, giving advice/suggestions AND encouraging me to make my own decisions and listen to my own intuition. Through Kim’s coaching, I have been able to change my mindset and do hard and brave things I never thought I could."


Chrystine Gonzalez

I'm thrilled you are here 


This personalized coaching approach accelerates your transformation.. Making a commitment on this level means you are ready, willing and able. Ready to invest your time, energy and resources because you know that staying where you are right now is not an option. You know you are deserving of more.

If you're ready to ditch the diets & limiting beliefs & start feeling confident & empowered AND start living life without restriction or fear, what are you waiting for? 


Connect with Kim

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When you commit to 1:1 support you are never alone


When “all or nothing thinking” strikes, I am here to help you look for solutions, meet yourself with compassion and learn how to shift your thinking instead of feeling “stuck” in it

Daily Phone, Computer, Text, Video, Voice, & Photo Support

I am literally in your back pocket!!

Two Areas of Focus

End the Endless Diets & Food Restriction

✔️Learning about Intuitive Eating principles and adopting them into your lifestyle 

✔️Improving Body Respect, Body Kindness and Body Acceptance 

✔️Gaining an understanding of the role food is playing in your life 

✔️Learn how to have a healthy relationship with movement (exercise) 

✔️Learn to nourish your body through an anti-diet approach 

Gain Confidence & Feel Empowered

✔️Helping you re-wire your brain for success 

✔️Helping you release limiting beliefs that have been holding you back 

✔️Improving your self-worth, nurturing self-acceptance and finding the key to more happiness, play and your truest potential 

✔️Feeling more confident and secure, sharing your ideas and silencing your inner critic

✔️Release the guilt + shame you are carrying and empower yourself to make choices that you are proud of

Lets Do This Together!
"Kim supported me through one of the biggest transitions of my adult life. While it didn't have anything to do with food, the reduction of stress on my mind and body had a huge impact on how I felt, and what I thought I could achieve. She was always there, even behind the scenes reminding me that I can do this, and that I deserve it. She helped me look at the big picture and how everything is connected." 


Andrea Fleury

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